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For New arrivals and current residents who are planning to return to Japan.

Currently, as a policy of the Japanese government, two weeks of quarantine is required for all foreign visitors and Japanese nationals returning from overseas (returnees).

Since our share house is not accepted as a place to stay during the self-isolation period, the above-mentioned applicants and residents who are currently living in our share house and who are planning to return from overseas are isolated by themselves, so we kindly ask you to secure own place to stay for 2 weeks.

※ If you are currently living in our share house and plan to travel overseas, please be sure to contact FRESH ROOM in advance.


After 2 weeks of self-isolation, you can move into our house according the rules below.


New residents who are planning to come to Japan or return to Japan from overseas

In order to confirm your reservation, it’s necessarily to pay the initial deposit beforehand.

After 2 weeks of self-quarantine, you will be required to move in to our property according to the “Information on moving in” rules at the URL below.


Current residents who are planning to return from overseas

After two weeks of self-quarantine from the day of returning to Japan, antivirus tests will be performed using an antivirus test kit.

The antivirus test kit will be delivered in advance by mail. After tested by yourself, please take a picture of the result and report it to us.


Cancellation policy

• In case the result of the PCR test is going to be positive, your check in will be canceled.
The initial deposit will be not be refund as cancellation policy fee.

• In case the PCR test results negative, the customer is allow to check in.
Deposit won’t be refund in case of cancellation.


We always consider with the health and safety of residents, our staff, and related parties first. We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation.