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Contract Flow | FR_en

FRESHROOM contract flow

FRESHROOM contract flow

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contract flow

The necessarily procedures for checking in are reported in the following 5 steps

Step 01


Please check availability by phone or e-mail, from the home page. (If the room is available , you will be able to actually visit it)

Step 02

Application and deposit

We will give you an application form at the time of your visiting, please kindly make a confirmation to FRESHROOM staff which room would be available in that moment. Plus, please reply an application form via FAX or e-mail.
(FAX 03-3851-6708)

At the same time, please transfer the security deposit to our designated account.PayPal is also available.(Online transfer service) Please note that the transaction fees have to be covered by the customer. More information on PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/jp/webapps/mpp/personal

Step 03


The people designated as your emergency contact and guarantor might be contacted for clarify their identity.
Please inform them. More details about the content of the examination cannot be divulged.

Step 04


As long as you pass these steps, please decide the date of you moving in, then we will finish paperwork and you will receive keys at the property. (Contract is in English or Japanese)
※ Participation in fire insurance is optional. (Depending on the property, it may be compulsory)

Step 05

Ready for moving-in

Immediately after signing the contract you can start living in your accommodation. Bring your luggage or send them to your location. It`s not possible to leave your luggage inside your room before signinging the contract.

What you need when you move-in

Copy of identification
It could be a copy of the passport, driver's license, for the international guest, please have valid Japanese visa, or immigration card.
Security Deposit
30.000 Yen or 50.000 Yen
※The amount of money varies depending on the property.
Fees of the month
Fees of the month will be pro-rated in the case of the moving in the middle of the month.※ Please purchase or carry-in for the futon (Only bed is provided). We sell Futon-set (Bedding set) as 10,000yen (+tax), it comes with blanket, mattress, pillow and sheets.

What you need when you move out

Please contact us 1 month in advance.
It has to be 1 month prior notice when you would like to terminate the contract.Then the contract period is terminated without contact the person in charge, it becomes agreement automatically terminated, you can not use the room. If you want to leave within the contract period in certain circumstances, or breach of contract of the person without leaving notice, we will charge actual cost or even penalty fee. Also, deposit can not be refundable.
Please return the key after cleaning your room.
if your room is apparently damaged by any reason, or your room would not be returned in original condition, we will charge additional actual cost.
After leaving the room, we will refund the amount of the deposit minus the withdrawal fee and other expenses.
・ The exit fee varies by property.
・ When leaving the room, if expenses are incurred, it will be offset from the deposit.
・ When the cost which can not be covered by the deposit, it will be separately charged.