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= Dispositions about initiatives, check-in and visits from May 7th =

Thank you for visiting our web site.

Following the dispositions our government is diffusing from May 1st about the new Corona Virus Break we are going to apply some changes to the check-in and visit applications.

In order to protect your health, our staff and the people connected to our activity, please read carefully what’s reported.


Check in applicants

• Check in would be possible only two weeks after submitting the application
• Specify the reason why you are moving from your actual location.
• Specify your actual address (follow our application form)
• Some time is needed for the verification of your data.
• Is it possible for our company to refuse an applicant if this doesn’t conform to the ambience of our accommodations.
• During the check in our staff will measure your body temperature. In case it cross 37.3 degrees, the check in will postponed and eventually cancelled.


Dispositions for visiting

All the visits will be held online.

For further informations follow our section [ First time online visiting ].

A video of our staff introducing the property and its surrounding has been uploaded now on our FR -Channel [ROOM movie preview].

Please refer to the link to have a look at it.


Initiatives inside FR Houses

The following initiatives have been followed in our share houses in order to protect people from the spreading.

– Hands Washing, Gargling, Disinfection
– Enforcement of wearing masks in common areas
– Information notice about hands washing, gargling and disinfection
– Providing Hands soap, disinfectant and alcohol sheets
– Video distribution of FR-Channel【Stay Home, Stay Safe…
– Providing masks to our customers (May 1st, 2020)