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【Important Guidance】 Moving-in Procedure from Apr. 1, 2022

Thank you for visiting our website.

In FRESHROOM, in order to protect the health of occupants and residents, and to live with peace of mind in response to the series of conditions of this new type coronavirus, for the time being, all new residents are tested for Coronavirus Antigen TEST.

※Please note that the obligation to receive the antigen test may be shortened, postponed, or suspended depending on the policy of the Japanese government and the situation in Japan.

※For those who wish to move in or plan to return to Japan from overseas, or for current residents who plan to travel or return from abroad, please be sure to read “For new Immigrants“.


Steps for Movingin

1. Inquiry for the property you like.

Please contact us by phone or the inquiry form.

We will accept the move-in date two weeks after the inquiry.


2. Visit – Online visit

Please choose between a visit at the house with our staff or a visit online.
All the customer choosing to visit the house in person, please

◆ Allow our staff to measure your body temperature before starting the visit

◆ Wear mask

◆ Use the disinfectant you’ll find at the entrance of the house

people with a body temperature higher than 37.3 degrees will not be allowed to access the house
based on your physical condition, your visit could be postponed (for example in case of cough or fever)

Thank you for your understanding.

For all those customer which prefer having an online viewing, we invite you to read carefully the
[Online viewing guidance].


3. Application form

Please submit the application form and identification card with a face photo.


4. Examination

※Details about the contents of the examination cannot be answered.

※ Depending on the examination result, we may refuse.


5. Payment of initial cost

Please make the deposit, daily rent, daily service fee, etc. by bank transfer for booking the room.

Withdrawal from your account/Credit card payment are not available.


6. Coronavirus antigen test / move-in

On the day you move in, we will perform an antigen test on the spot before the contract.
The test will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

※Our company will cover the full cost of the antigen test.

※If the test result is positive, we will refuse to move in or postpone it.

※We may refuse or ask to postpone those who are not in good physical condition (such as fever and cough…) on the day of moving in regardless of the test results.


Cancellation Policy”

If the result of the antigen test is positive

Please note that moving in will be canceled once.

In case of cancellation we are going to refund the amount amount payed for the rent and the common service fees.

Deposit will NOT be refund in case of cancellation.


If the result of the antigen test is negative and you cancel for your own reason.

According to the usual cancellation policy, the deposit will be non-refund.



Customers who wish to move-in again

For customers who have been canceled due to antigen test results, we will arrange the move-in schedule again after the PCR test is conducted and isolated at the designated hospital under the instruction of the health center.

※ It’s necessary to take the antibody test again.


Please understand and cooperate with the above new screening policy so that everyone including those NEW tenants, CURRENT tenants, and FR STAFF with peace of mind.