Join us! share house


What are required for applying or signing a contract?
  • ・Application form for occupancy (handed when you visit the house)
  • ・Copy of the identification card with the face photo of the occupant
  • ・Seal
Can more than one person occupy a room?

Basically, more than one person cannot occupy a room, but some rooms allow the occupation by more than one person as long as the occupants have the same family name. In this case, security deposits and rents vary.

Is there some screening for occupancy? Is a guarantor required?

The screening for occupancy is basically conducted in accordance with the regulations of our company. A contract does not need to be co-signed, but the contact information of your parents is required as emergency contact information. *If you are non-Japanese, please write the contact information of your relative, friend, or colleague residing in Japan.

Are there any charges when moving out of a room?

Basically, there are no charges when you move out, but if there are remarkable stains, damages, or the like that are caused beyond the range of ordinary use, some objects are left in an apartment, or there are any other problems, we may charge you separately. *Smoking is prohibited in each room, and so if there is any trail of smoking, additional cleaning fees will be charged.

Please tell me about the contract period, extension, and cancellation.

Regarding the contract period
A. You can set the contract period at 1 month to 10months, according to how long you plan to stay.
Please notify us at least one month prior to the date of moving out. Regarding the extension of the contract period
In order to extend the contract period, it is necessary to sign another contract. If you want to extend the period, please notify us at least one month prior to the expiration of the contract. If your notification is delayed, there is a possibility that you will not be able to sign another contract according to the booking situation, and so we recommend you to notify us early. *There are no update or commission fees.

Until when do I need to contact you in advance to quit my contract?

Please contact us one month before the day you wish to check out.

Can I extend the lease of my contract?

To extend the contract, you will be required to exchange contracts in the form of a “re-contract”.If you wish, please contact us one month prior to the contract expiration date.After that, please contact us early as possible as it may not be possible to re-contract depending on the reservation status.※ Renewal fees and agency fees do not occur at all

What are installed in each room? Is there a lock in each room?

Each room is equipped with a desk, a chair, a bed, an air-conditioner, curtains, and a colored box. In addition, some rooms include a refrigerator, a TV set, and storage furniture, etc. Please check the page for each shared house. A lock is attached to every room. When you move in, we will hand the key for your room and the key for the entrance of the shared house. Some houses have a self-locking entrance.

What equipment is placed in shared space?

There are a kitchen, a toilet, a shower room, and a coin-operated washer. The kitchen is equipped with cooking and eating utensils, and a microwave oven, etc.

Is the Internet available in each room?

You can use Wi-Fi. Some private rooms allow wired LAN.

How to pay the fee?

Please pay into our bank account every month. For the first month, we may receive cash payment. By the last day of each month, please pay the rent for the following month. *You cannot use a credit card.