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Measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus | FR_en



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Measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

To respond to outbreaks of coronavirus, FRESHROOM takes into account the health and safety of its guests and employees and takes the following steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus:


◆ Response to inbound residents

According to government policy, if you are requested to return home after arriving in Japan and have already booked your property and requested to return home after quarantine after arriving in Japan, you will need to secure your own waiting area.

* Because it is a share house, you cannot stay in the meaning of “waiting place” above.


After the waiting period, if you have confirmed that there is no problem with the body temperature or examination, you can move into the reserved property.


If you are a Japanese and have traveled abroad within the last two weeks, look for a place that has a two-week wait time after you return.

You will need to present your passport to confirm your travel history during the application and documentation.


* If infection is confirmed without notification, disinfection and cleaning charges may be incurred for the room and the entire property.


This will be done in accordance with government guidance policies. Please note that policies are subject to change.


◆ Cancellation policy

Customers whose travel to Japan is restricted by government policy,

If you have already booked our accommodation and have limited travel to Japan, we will not charge a cancellation fee.

If the room is not used, we will refund the fee already paid.

If cancellation occurred by individual judgment applies or any other personal reason, we will keep the cancellation fee as usual.


◆ Requests of cooperation for each residents

We request the cooperation for each resident to prevent the Coronavirus control.


・ Thorough hand washing and gargle/mouth wash

・ Installation of alcohol disinfectant and soap

・ Independent management of parties where people gather


Going forward, we will continue to respond appropriately in accordance with government policies and give top priority to the health and safety of all residents and staff.

We apologize for the inconvenience of residents and related parties, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.