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Thinking about SDGs from FRESHROOM

I’m sure you have been recently hearing the words “SDGs” and “Sustainability”. But what do they mean?
Even I, after hearing these words everywhere, have been wondering the true meaning behind these concepts.

The reason why this time I wanted to talk about SDGs and the implication they have in a share house is because I thought there are a lot of SDGs that can be done in a share house, the number of tenants interested in the argument is increasing rapidly and perhaps you are also wondering what you can do in your little.

Are those little things that, made every day, bring to a huge changing and a brighter future!
I would like everyone, whether you live in FRESHROOM or not, to carefully read this article.

What does SDGs mean?

SDGs is an acronym for Sustainable Development Goals. Those are achievements that we must obtain withing a certain amount of time to improve the situation on the planet, afflicted by Environmental issues, poverty, conflict, human rights issues, and infectious diseases.

FRESHROOM current situation

In a share house, tenants share all the spaces other than their own room.
It is a peculiar situation, very different from renting your own apartment or mansion.
In FRESHROOM you have the opportunity to meet different people from all over the world.
Human rights are numerous and vary, so living in a share house is suggested to all those people who like to communicate with others, share their experiences and learn other`s and improve their language skills while living their daily life.

In addition, our staff is qualified in this field to solve a various number of problems and speak several languages thanks to their skills. So even people afraid of having their first experience in a share house, should feel confident of sending their enquiries through email or SNS and plan a viewing.

However, as a “share house”, there are some problems that the staff is concerned about, but they are not easily solvable.

Regarding energy saving and garbage recycling.

All of this depends largely on the awareness of each roommate living in a share house, and it is not easy to enforce it as a rule.
However, I would be happy if everyone would start thinking about it as their own responsibility rather than someone else responsibility.

The SDGs in a share house

Trash separation

In FRESHROOM share houses, all garbage cans are located in the common area. Almost all our share houses have a system of trash rotation in which, every week, one flat mate is in charge of taking care of the garbage disposal.
In this way we divide equally the responsibilities of each tenant regarding the SDGs.

◆Let’s use the item provided and not the one-time disposable items

Thanks to the utensils provided by FRESHROOM in each share house, you won’t need to purchase one-time disposable items like chopsticks. For example, when you purchase a lunch box at the convenience store you won’t need to ask for chopsticks and, if you bring your own Eco-bag, you will achieve the best SDG possible.

◆Dispose separately cap and label from plastic bottles

Recycling is easier when garbage is properly separated. Even people coming from another country, thanks to the explanations attached in each share house, can easily understand how garbage separation work here in Japan.
Especially for plastic bottles, it is necessary to wash them inside and dispose cap and label in the plastic can. By doing this you will help the environment and the people working to recycle trash.

◆Before trashing, cleaning inside

As explained before, by washing the plastic bottles before trashing them and removing cap and label you will help the proper recycling and that will make a perfect example of SDG!

Saving energy

FRESHROOM’s share house has a contract for electricity, gas, and water in advance, and a fixed monthly fee in the form of a common service fee.
For the residents, there is nothing that makes them happier than not having to think about utility costs every day.
But resources are finite! We all need to improve ourselves in order to don’t waste energy. FRESHROOM has been multiple times forced to raise utilities costs due to people who leave their air conditioning turned on all day even without being at home. Please be concern about the environment!

◆Don’t leave the water on when you take a shower or washing dishes

Wet the dishes before starting to soap them. Then wash them all at once to reduce water waste. Same for the shower, don’t leave the water on when you are not washing yourself.
If every tenant does that every day, we can reduce drastically the waste of water.

◆Let’s try to save electricity diligently on a daily basis

After all, when you are away from the room, it is absolutely necessary to turn off the electricity and air conditioner in the room. In the case of FRESHROOM, efforts to eliminate wasteful spending have been made for some time, such as adopting sensor-type LED lights in the corridors of common areas. So, when you go out, I would be happy if you could remind yourself, “Have you turned off the lights?” or “Have you turned off the air conditioner?”

◆Let’s use the “automatic” setting of the air conditioner

The cooling and heating of the air conditioner will always be in the mode where either cold air or warm air comes out, so sometimes if you make a mistake in the setting, it may be too cold or too hot. In such a case, the “automatic” operation mode is convenient. Not only does it blow air at a temperature that matches the current room environment, but it also saves energy. I hope you will take advantage of it.

How does it sound?
Taking care of the SDGs doesn’t sound that hard, isn’t it?!
Leaving on this earth is “your” responsibility, not “others” responsibility.

One thing I do not want you to misunderstand is that for the sake of the SDGs, we are not asking people to take unreasonable measures such as “Never turn on air conditioners! Never buy this!”
It is important to do “sustainable things”.

This time, the people of AWS Co., Ltd. gave us the opportunity to think about SGDs.
A company that runs Adventure Worldin Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture.
At Adventure World, they really thought about the earth ↔ animals ↔ society connection (everyone involved), and they were doing a wonderful approach that would clarify the SGDs.
Thank you very much!

Even me, from now on, I will try harder and harder to reduce waste and be a better inhabitant of this planet, for me and my family!