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Event Report 2021


I’m Oda from FRESH ROOM.


The event that was customary at FRESHROOM could not be held for a while due to the coronavirus, and it was difficult to communicate with the residents, but …


at last! at last! !!

Although it is a small scale, we were able to hold an event ~👏👏👏

I couldn’t speak to all the residents this time, so I’m really sorry to everyone who said “I wanted to participate …”🙇

We will continue to think about how to hold the event safely, taking into consideration the timing and the situation of infected people, so please look forward to the next event!


By the way, two events were held this time.

Please take a look at the event!


🗻Sekirozan mountain climbing hiking event

Sekirozan in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
A small hiking event with 1 FR staff and 5 residents!
We took measures against virus infection and had a good day.
Before the hike, I took a small boat on Lake Sagami!
I went hiking in the pleasant breeze 🚶‍♀🚶

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🍖Small BBQ event

A BBQ event was held on the roof of FRESHROOM Tobu Nerima II!
Participants are 10 sharemates who live in share houses around the property.
We conducted an antigen test on everyone, took proper infection control measures, and enjoyed BBQ with a small number of people 🌟

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