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What is FRESH Share?


Future-oriented shared house with a concept

Each shared house has a concept, and those who agree with the concept move in and share their lives. We think that the people with the same sense of value can develop more comfortable space by living under the same roof. Our company, which serves as a superintendent, holds events that fit the concept of each house, and creates moderate communication among occupants.

Why is Fresh Share selected?

You can experience a new lifestyle in Tokyo.

At Fresh Share, you can experience a modern lifestyle with a new concept, which is urban, unprecedented, and cannot be experienced anywhere except in Tokyo. You can enjoy a fresh, urban, exciting life every day.

Events will be held under the concept for each house.

We will hold regular events according to the concept of each shared house. We hope that you will participate for communicating with other occupants and enjoying a life in Tokyo.

We hope you will enjoy a life in Tokyo, which cannot be experienced in any other places.

We plan events, design residential space, and determine locations, etc. so that you can lead a pleasurable life in Tokyo that can be offered by Fresh Share only.

Veteran staff will support you.

Our veteran staff, who has a long career in this field, will deal with your troubles and operate shared houses, so that you will be able to live without worries.

Our veteran staff, who has a long career in this field, will deal with your troubles and operate shared houses, so that you will be able to live without worries.

FR, which is one of time-honored shared houses, utilizes a variety of experience and operation achievements we have accumulated so far, for our customers.

Six features

Neither lease deposits nor key money required

Lease deposits and key money are commonly charged by real estate firms. In general, the sum of a lease deposit and key money is equal to the rent for over 1 month. Meanwhile, FRESHROOM does not follow this custom, and operates shared houses without charging lease deposits, key money, or agent charges. *The initial cost is a guarantee deposit only.

Guarantors not required (as long as you are not a minor)

The guarantor system was abolished. Then, bothersome procedures became unnecessary, and you can rent a house more easily. However, you need to inform us of the valid contact information of your parents as emergency contact information. We expect that individual customers will use their rooms with a sense of responsibility.

Short-term contract (from one month) possible

Since the minimum contract period is one month, you can use a shared house readily for various purposes, such as business trips and sightseeing. The rent is calculated on a per diem basis from the second month, and so you can stay, for example, for 1 month and 3 days or 11 months and 17 days, according to your situation. For renewing your contract, there are no commission fees. You can stay without worries for a short or long period of time.

Provision of space for exchanging information

FRESHROOM Corporation does not care about nationality or age. Japanese and non-Japanese people can share their living space, which is filled with “the experience that cannot be enjoyed when you live alone.” We also put importance on the shared space that facilitates communication, such as kitchens and living rooms. Why don’t you increase your “roommates” in FRESHROOM and experience Family Relationship Room, which is an important space for developing new relationships beyond nationality, age, and occupation?

Enrichment of daily necessities

Each room is equipped with a bed, a desk, a chair, a refrigerator, a TV set, and a storage space. (Fixtures vary among rooms.) In the shared space, eating and cooking utensils, and cleaning goods are available, and so you can move in with a bag, and start living on that day. *You need to prepare your bedding by yourself.

Enrichment of the communication environment

At every shared house, it is possible to access the Internet. As soon as you move in, you will be able to access the Internet with your PC. PCs are already installed in some houses. You can glean information at FRESHROOM, free of charge.